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These fine powder measures are based on originals such as those seen in Madison Grant's The Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch and James R. Johnston's Accoutrement's.  We offer a range of measures, for every persona; from the very fancy, to the plain.  Each one is hand crafted from deer antler and is one of a kind.  The perfect compliment to your hunting pouch.


Currently for Sale

Powder Horns  by Carl Willyard  Many of you are familiar with dad's fine detail work on the other items on this page, now he is pleased to offer schrimshawed powder horns in the French & Indian War and Revolutionary War fashion.

SOLD - Horn #1  A horn featuring detailed battle scenes on both land and sea.  There is tons of detail in this horn and it truly stands out as an exceptional piece of work!  Right hand carry.  Nice double twist.  Cherry plug and iron staple.  Measures about 15 inches around the curve, including the 2 3/4 inch diameter base plug.  $300

SOLD - Horn #2  William Waller Horn    Not an exact copy, but heavily based on the Virginia horn William Waller carried during the Revolutionary War.    Right-hand carry, with an oak plug and iron staple.   A sizable horn, measuring 15 1/2 inches around the curve,  including the 2 3/4 inch diameter base plug.  Slight double twist.  $300

SOLD - Horn #3 New York Map Horn  featuring British Coat of Arms, map of New York and upstate.  Right hand carry with a slight double twist.  Yellow pine plug and iron staple.  Measures 16 inches around the curve, 2 5/8 inch diameter.  $250

Horn #4  Featuring engrailed neck and fully scrimshawed with floral designs in two color polychrome.  3 inch pine plug.  Right hand carry.  Measures 14 3/4 inches around the curve.  $225

Horn #5 British Coat of Arms Horn    With an inscription referring to the French and Indian War battle of Ticonderoga.  Slight double twist and right hand carry.  Iron staple and maple plug.  Measures approximately 14 inches around the curve, including the 2 3/4 inches diameter base.  $250

Horn #6 Pennsylvania Horn    A nice, right-hand horn, with a slight, double-twist.  Turned cherry plug and iron staples.  Measures approximately 13 1/2 inches around the curve, 3 inches diameter base.  $150

SOLD - Horn #7 "Phillip Bunker" Horn  Though not an exact copy, this horn is based on an original French and Indian War period horn carried by Phillip Bunker.  Bunker served with Captain Andrew Fuller's Co. of Col. Jonathan Begiey's Mass. Regt.  Nice double curve horn, right hand carry.  Cherry plug and iron staple.  Measures 15 3/4 inches around the curve (including plug), 2 3/4 inch diameter.  In my opinion, this is one of dad's best horns.  $300

Horn #8   features frontier hunt scenes and floral designs.  Pine plug and iron staple.  Measures about 13 3/4 inches around the curve, oval base 2 3/4 inch at the widest point.  Right hand carry.  $225

Horn #9  Featuring frontier battle scenes and soldiers, along with inscription.  3 inch pine plug.  Left hand carry.  Measures 12 inches around the curve.  $200

Horn #10  Featuring engrailed neck and fully scrimshawed with designs.  2 1/2 inch maple plug.  Right hand carry.  Measures 15 inches around the curve.  $250

Horn #11  Featuring General Washington along with soldiers and a native hunting scenes on the reverse side.  2 5/8 inch maple plug.  Right hand carry.  Measures 15 inches around the curve.  $225

SOLD - Powder Flask  with coiled rattlesnake and "Liberty or Death" on one side; a spread of arms on the other.  Measures approx. 8 inches.  $75

SOLD - Rum Horn  Large horn featuring horse and rider, hounds and chip-carved pine plugs.  Beeswax lined.  Measures approx. 6 inches x 3 1/4 inches.  $150


SOLD - Rev. War Rum Horn  Large rum horn featuring General Washington and a Hessian along with a couple deer.  Beeswax lined.  Measures approx. 5 1/4 inches x 3 inches.  $150

SOLD - Rum Flask  with scrimshaw of an eagle and shield with "Liberty or Death" on one side and "Join or Die" on the other.  Approx. 4 inches tall.  $75

SOLD - Salt Horn  Featuring two deer and a town scene.  Pine ends.  Measures approx. 2 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches wide.  $65


With intricate schrimshawing and carving, these measures represent our finest work.


SOLD - #A1   Eagle and Shield 50 grains $75


SOLD - #A2   54 grains $75


SOLD - #A3 65 grains $75


SOLD - #A4  45 grains $75


SOLD #A5   Snake and pitchfork on one side, "Virginia" on the other, 54 grains $75

#A6   Man loading a rifle, 54 grains $75

SOLD - #A7   Carvings in the native style of a fish and fox, 50 grains $75

SOLD - #A8   Soldier carrying a musket, 54 grains $75

SOLD - #A9   Soldier with a musket on one side, native style fish on the other, 45 grains $75



With intricate checkering and detailing, this group represents the "upper end" of those early measures.  

  #1   measure from cowhorn, $65

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